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New Member Promotion--50% off Enrollment Fee!!


Enrollment fee will be 50% off if you sign up on the day of your introductory class.



    Introductory Classes(60 minutes) 


  Group Class   1,000 YEN

  Reformer Class  2,000 YEN

  Private Class   3,000 YEN

【Enrollment Fee】

5,000 YEN

Enrollment fee will be discounted to 2,500 yen if you take an introductory class and enroll on the same day

【Class Charge (points)】

 Group              1 point

 Reformer            2 points

 Semi-Private    3 points

 Private                    4 points

~Monthly Membership~

Payment Method: Automatic bank debit

                             4 Points              7,500 yen

                         6 Points            10,500 yen

                                8 Points            13,000 yen

                           12 Points            19,000 yen

                           16 Points        25,000 yen

           ※Some of the unused points can be carried over to the next month

          ※Please notify us of the monthly point change by 10th of the previous month


~Ticket Membership~

Payment Method: Cash or credit card (VISA, Master Card, American Express)

Introductory Class (up to two classes)*1

Single Class

Points:Group1 point, Reformer2 points, Semi-Private3 points,Private4 points


Booking Your Class~

Please book your class through one of the following methods:

e-mail: info@s-breathing.com

TEL: 092-982-2466


In-person at the reception desk


Cancellation Policy

A cancellation and change request should be made by 7pm on the previous day of the class. Cancellation fee will apply otherwise:

• Group/ Reformer/ Semi-Private class (member): 1pt count

• Private class: 2 point counts,Group Free: 1,500 yen


※Seniors (65 and up) and people with disabilities will save 500 yen from any of above fees.