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Group Class (Max 12)

This is primarily a mat exercise class. You will find your posture gets modified and bodyline becomes shaped as you get familiarized with the proper inner muscle movements and breathing.


You'll experience a sense of openness through a moderate concentration and exercise.

Reformer Class (Max 4)

A Reformer offers hundreds types of exercises.

The resistance is adjustable so that people with different conditions--elderly, injured, athletes, or the healthy--can work out.


Proper use of a Reformer with trainer's supervision results in stronger inner muscles and proper movement.

Private Class

This one-on-one class is tailor-made, using all equipment including a Reformer, V2Max Reformer, Chair, and Cadillac. Recommended for people in post-rehab stage or clients who need more customized solution.

Kids Class

In many cases, children with disabilities don't get enough exercise. The more they learn the joy of physical activities, the more active they will become. Our aim is teaching children the joy of exercise and encourage healthy growth and independence.