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Yoko Sakai, Owner, Studio Breathing

 Yoko had been a competitive artistic swimmer for ten years since age 10.

After retiring from competitions, she worked as a coach for the next three years. She then became an aerobics instructor when she joined Central Sports.


After a break due to some life events such as marriage, her husband's transfer,

 childbirth, and so on, she made a comeback as a free-lance aerobic instructor when her family moved to Fukuoka City. Her specialties include BODYPUMP, personal training, and para-sports instruction as well as aerobics. 


Yoko started to work as a Pilates instructor in 2005, and founded Studio Breathing in 2008. She is also involved in Pilates and artistic swimming instructions to people with disabilities. 



 STOTT PILATES (R) Full certificated instructor 

Pilates Method Alliance certified instructor 

Franklin Method Diploma Level 3

Pilates Leadership Concept, Modul 3 by Marie Jose


                         SMART SPINE by Marie-Jose 

                                                                                                 Pat Guyton Pilates Conservatory certificated  

                                                                                                 Japanese Para-Sports Association Authorized Advanced Sports Trainer


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